Saturday, January 20th, 2018


Omni Eye Center is recognized nationally for expertise in contact lenses. Professional services include the prescribing of soft, rigid gas permeable, combination material, bifocal, keratoconus, pediatric, and toric contact lenses. Dr. Jack Melton is the innovator and designer of the Neo-7 Hyperradii Gas Permeable contact lens and has lectured internationally, published, and consulted on the subject of contact lenses. Drs. Jack, Alissa, and Ryan Melton are all members of the prestigious Society of Contact Lens Specialists. Patients with complex prescriptions and contact lens complications are welcome at Omni Eye Center. More than 25,000 contact lens patients have experienced the professionalism of the center, and the continued commitment of the doctors to always provide the very latest in prescribing techniques and contact lens technology .  Contact lenses include those by Johnson & Johnson AcuVue, CibaVision, CooperVision, Baush & Lomb, and Synergeyes.

We are specialists in complicated contact lens prescriptions!